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Alpharetta Bathtub Enclosures

Alpharetta Bathtub Enclosures bath remodel refit 300x205Are you looking for a way to liven up your bathing space? Try setting up a bathtub enclosure with Atlanta Bath Remodel Company! We are a top-notch home and commercial construction company serving Alpharetta and specializing in bathroom improvements. We highly recommend you getting new bathtub enclosures with us as your trusted partners. With Atlanta Bath Remodel Company, you can get top-tier, spectacular enclosures for your tubs and shower rooms in no time at the fairest costs in the market!

A bathtub enclosure, also popularly known as a bathtub surround, is a vertical surface that covers the part of the wall surrounding a bathtub or a shower unit. If installed properly, it can be used for both beautification processes and functionality. So trust us with getting your industry-standard bathtub surround today. We, at Atlanta Bath Remodel Company, assure you that you will only get the best level of service from our highly experienced construction experts. We’re looking forward to being your partner in installing your bathtub enclosure!

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High-Quality Bathtub Enclosures For All Spaces

Wherever you plan to install a bathtub enclosure, whether in your home or a commercial space like a hotel, we can surely do it for you at the highest quality of service possible. We are knowledgeable about all types of surrounds that vary in shape, size, material, color, use, and style. We can provide all the necessary services to install any type of enclosure at any type of space. All we need to know is your desired specifics, and we can surely execute the best version of them.

Mainly used for protection against water and moisture, the most common material used for bath enclosures are ceramic tiles, which are known for their extreme resistance to moisture. So we avoid using absorbent materials, such as wood. Other materials include cheaper sheets of acrylic or polyester and sheets of solid-surface material.

Benefits of a Bathtub Enclosure

bathtub replacementYou might be thinking that a bathroom enclosure can only add beauty to your bathroom and nothing else. But actually, enclosures can provide way more than aesthetics.

Reduces maintenance needs

Since surrounds are made for protection, it is only logical that they offer you fewer things to clean and maintain inside a bathroom. Walls may just be built as mere covers, not to withstand a lot of moisture and wetness. Good bath surrounds are made, so you will have fewer worries about the stability of the surrounding area of your shower room.

Adds value to a property

Bathroom surrounds aren’t exactly a staple part of a house. It is generally considered an addition or an upgrade. So any house that has built-in bathtub enclosures are surely valued at a higher price in the real estate market.

Top-Notch Bathtub Enclosure Installation

For all your bathtub enclosure needs, Atlanta Bath Remodel Company is here for you. Our Alpharetta, GA company will make sure that you get nothing less than the highest level of services to install your dream bathtub enclosure in your space. With years of experience in the construction industry, not just in Alpharetta, but in different states, we can guarantee that we can cater to whatever options and details you may choose for your bathtub enclosure. All you have to do is trust us and tell us what your needs and preferences are, and we will turn your dreams into reality. We are excited to work with you!

Free Bathtub Enclosure Installation Consultation

Alpharetta Bathtub Enclosures bath planet logo 300x48Are you still having second thoughts about getting a bathtub enclosure? We understand. Bathtub surrounds may not be for everyone. To help our clients decide and get the best out of the many options for home improvement, our Alpharetta company offers a free and no-obligation consultation session with one of our professional construction experts. Let us help you figure out the best improvements to your space. All it takes is your call!

Call Atlanta Bath Remodel Company today at (678) 661-6754 for a free consultation with a bathtub enclosure expert!