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Hiram Bathtub Renovation

Hiram Bathtub Renovation iStock 1166155385 300x200Worn bathtub? Bathing in a bathtub that has already been there for ages? Or you simply want an updated design in your bathroom, and your bathtub design does not fit anymore? If you answer “yes” even in just one of these questions, you certainly would be interested in bathtub renovation.

Atlanta Bath Remodel Company features several services of bath and shower remodeling projects. We’ve been serving Hiram, GA., since 1996 and have earned the trust of clients through our dedication to quality and customer service.

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Bathtub Safety

Bathtubs are built to last, but sometimes we neglect them too long and they need to be replaced.

If your tub has signs of wear, cracking or chipping, it may become a safety issue. The sad truth is, when this happens, even the integrity of the plumbing system connected to the bathtub can become compromised. This affects the safety and functionality of the bathtub and its whole system.

Bathtub Design

Hiram Bathtub Renovation iStock 1067383066 300x231An outdated bathtub design might not feel that much of a huge concern, but if you renovate your bathroom and don’t change out at the bathtub it will stand out and ruin the new look.

Renovating bathtubs to update design involves updating the color palate, the style and even added features that better suit your current needs.

If you have a specific design in mind that you think would fit the your bathroom’s style, talk to our design team to help you pick the best tub for your aesthetic and functionality needs.

Comfort and Accessibility

Comfort and accessibility are crucial considerations when choosing a new bathtub. Whether you have mobility issues or just want to luxuriant in a bubble bath, your choice of tub makes a big difference. Bathtubs have specific requirements in terms of space, flooring support, plumbing and, sometimes, electrical hookups.

We make sure you know all the options that will fit your needs and specifications.

Special Demands for Special Needs

Hiram Bathtub Renovation iStock 1308282338 300x200Among the most critical reasons for bathtub renovation is change in the living condition of the clients.

There are instances when a person has an accident or a health issue that makes it hard to engage in their regular lifestyle. Even daily activities like taking a bath without assistance can become difficuly.

While there are a lot of options for accessible bathtubs and showers, it is essential to understand exactly what the specifice mobility challenges are as well as what all the available options are. That’s why our professional bathroom renovation specialists will listen to your unique challenges and concerns and offer constructive solutions.

If you entrust your bathtub renovation with us, you do not need to worry about it anymore until it is done.

Call For Your Free Consultation

Hiram Bathtub Renovation logo main finalNeed assistance with your bathtub renovation project? We at Atlanta Bath Remodel Company are more than willing to give you the support you need to define your project down to the smallest details and make sure that your allotted budget fits the goals that you want to achieve in your project.

Atlanta Bath Remodel Company is a trusted Hiram, GA bathroom renovation company known for our attention to detail and stellar customer service. Call today to get started on your bathtub renovation project.

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