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Smyrna Replace Tub with Shower

If you want to unwind after a long day at work or school, taking a bath can help you relax. Some people take a bath once a day, while others take a bath twice a day.

shower area with frames glass door

No matter how you decide to take your bath or how often you do it, we shall be refreshed each time we take a bath. To do this, it is essential that the bathroom setup you have at home is perfect for your preferences.

Some homes in Smyrna have bathtub configurations, which some people may see as impractical for their daily schedule. Having showers are ideal because people can bathe faster and save space in their bathroom. If you need expert services of an Smyrna, GA bath construction company for your bathroom improvement projects, Atlanta Bath Remodel Company is here to help.

Our years of experience will prove that we excellently address our clients’ needs and we will do the most efficient bathroom replacement project for your home or commercial space at a fraction of the cost.

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What to Consider When Replacing Your Tub with a Shower

bathtub replacementNo matter what your reason is for replacing your tub with a shower, homeowners need to know several factors that can affect your tub’s integrity with a shower replacement project. The factors you need to consider are as follows:

1. Prefabricated shower kits or customized kits

When you visit a home improvement store, you can be presented with a prefabricated shower kit set, or you can look for the pieces yourself to fit your chosen look. Many often go for a prefabricated shower kit because it is already made with all the pieces in mind and fits a specific theme.

However, the problem with prefabricated shower kits is that they are made with set measurements, which can be a problem if your bathroom area requires specific measurements. If this is the case with your bathroom, it is recommended that you get a customized shower kit setup.

If you are uncertain what shower kit is good for your bathroom, let our team handle it for you. Our bathroom conversion experts will assess the space and identify if prefabricated shower kits are ideal or if you should get a customized kit for your Smyrna Replace Tub with Shower project.

2. Floor area

Floor area is also crucial when doing tub to shower replacements. Every bathroom space is different, and sometimes, they come with specific measurements that influence the other fixtures in the bathroom. As a result, using a prefabricated shower kit for your project might be difficult.

3. DIY or Requesting Professional Assistance

DIY is becoming very popular in many households because of the perceived benefits it has over getting the services of a professional. However, given the types of shower kits that can be used for tub replacement and the floor measurements of the bathroom, DIY-homeowners will have to be knowledgeable of how these factors can influence the quality of the project.

If you get a professional, like our experts at Atlanta Bath Remodel Company, you don’t have to worry about getting a poorly made replacement. For any Smyrna Replace Tub with Shower project we take on, our team always makes things hassle-free for the client, looking into these factors properly. We will visit your space and check everything needed to have a successful tub to shower conversion. Our bath conversion experts will also tell you everything you need to know about your project, which you may be uncertain of.

4. Shower design and setup

The shower design and setup should also be considered if you want to replace your tub with a shower setup. As mentioned previously, shower kits are available to match every bathroom style possible. Because of these options, it can be very tricky to determine which one works best. You may also need to reorganize the plumbing if you want to get a certain shower setup sorted out, like those with hot and cold water devices and additional showerheads.

Our team of bath conversion experts will sit down with you to discuss these options and help you decide which shower design and setup will work perfectly for your bathroom. We will also show you which ones work well with your budget.

5. Permits

Finally, you also need to get a permit from Smyrna’s water management office to do any bathroom conversions. Usually, the water source will be tapped consistently to check if the conversion is working well, and doing this can affect the waterline of the entire area.

Our team will handle this technicality for you once we work on your project. We can apply for the permits before we begin the project and coordinate with the water management board throughout the process.

Full-Service Construction Company

bath to shower conversionAtlanta Bath Remodel Company is an Smyrna bath construction company specializing in bathroom solutions for residential and commercial spaces.

Our team takes pride in providing top-notch services to each client that reaches out to us. We guide our clients from the project’s start to finish. During your initial free consultation with us, we will assess what needs to be done for your project and give you the best solutions that match your requirements and budget.

Our talented and experienced contractors will work flawlessly in your space and ensure that you are left with clean, durable, and attractive shower areas that you can use for a long time.

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Bath Planet company logoWhen you need someone to help you with any bathroom improvement, you can trust Atlanta Bath Remodel Company for the job. We are always committed to providing every customer with the best solutions for their project.

For your Smyrna Replace Tub with Shower project, we guarantee that our contractors will look into your bathrooms to determine what kind of replacement shower kits are ideal before installing them on your bathrooms.

We are also ready to answer any questions you may have about bathroom conversions such as these and ensure you get the best shower area for your home or commercial space.

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