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Atlanta Bath and Shower Repair

Big cracks, broken pipes, scratches or chips in the tub, and falling tiles, are all obvious bathroom repair emergencies. Atlanta Bath and Shower Repair iStock 1166155393 300x200 However, sometimes a big problem can be hidden by the shower, tub, or tile itself. Leaky showers can go unnoticed for some time. Often, homeowners think they are dripping all over their floors or failing to close the shower door or shower curtain. The puddles of water can go unnoticed for a while.

However, eventually, the leaky shower will damage the tiles or become visible.

Chances are that you have a leaky shower pan. Luckily, [Company] has experience in shower pan repair. Whether you need your shower tile repaired, your shower pan replaced, or have no idea why your shower is leaking, we can help!

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Bath and Shower Repair

There are several common reasons that people contact us for bathtub repair. If it is installed incorrectly, cracks may formAtlanta Bath and Shower Repair iStock 1308282338 300x200 in the tub. As with most things, the foundation is the key. The bathtub should always be installed on a flat, strong surface. It needs proper support beneath it.

Alternatively, many people don’t realize that each bathtub has a maximum weight limit. If the weight inside it exceeds the maximum, cracks and leaks in the tub can form.

Also, poor water conditions can cause leaks or problems with a bathtub. As can, leaky pipes or pipes stressed by extreme temperature changes.

And then, there are cosmetic problems. Some repairs are caused by homeowners who mean well. While an abrasive bathtub cleaner may seem like a good idea for a filthy tub, it can cause unsightly scratches and chips! Using abrasive cleaners can also make your tub look dingy and old.

Shower Repair and Shower Pans

Sometimes, water begins leaking from the seams where the shower meets the floor. This can start as a small unobtrusive puddleAtlanta Bath and Shower Repair new shower installation 1 300x192 that escapes notice at first. When tiles near the bottom of a shower fall, become loose or crack, and the puddles become larger, it often signifies a problem with the shower pan.

What is a shower pan?

A shower pan is a solid, single-piece insert that’s installed on the floor of the shower with fiberglass or tile walls. It is arguably the most important part of the shower. It protects the foundation and floor from water damage and channels water into the drain.

When the shower pan is properly sealed and installed no water can leak underneath the shower structure. While they are normally pre-manufactured and pre-formed, they can also be custom-made of fiberglass, acrylic, enamel steel, lead or vinyl.

A correctly installed shower pan can last from 15-20 years. If not properly installed and sealed, the pan might last from a few months to a few years.

Why does this matter? The shower pan is almost always the cause of a leaky shower! But have no fear, [Company] has the experience and expertise to make sure your new shower pan is installed efficiently and correctly.

Why a Shower Repair Can Be Tricky

While shower pan repairs can be easily completed without a full shower remodel, homeowners often decide that a shower pan replacement is the best time to have the entire showerAtlanta Bath and Shower Repair iStock 174637240 300x202 redone and updated.

To repair a shower pan, the tile has to be removed from the bottom of the shower. Any damaged tile will also need to be replaced. If the bathroom floor is also tiled, some of that tile may need to be removed to get to the shower pan. Tiles near the base of the shower on the walls would also have to be removed so that the new shower pan can be placed into position. Based on how old the shower is, it can be nearly impossible to replace the bottom tiles with tiles that match the old shower walls. However, if the homeowner has extra tiles, that is certainly something we are happy to do.

More often than not, the customer decides to use this time to refresh their shower. Our professional consultants will be more than happy to go over all costs and options with you to make sure you have a shower that doesn’t leak–and one that you love!

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Atlanta Bath and Shower Repair logo 300x81As your Atlanta shower replacement company, Atlanta Bath Remodel Company is both ready and looking forward to delivering solutions for your bathtub and shower renovation needs as efficiently as possible and at a reasonable price.

Providing shower repairs, bathtub repairs, and creating accessible bathing environments for those with unique needs, our attractive, affordable, and high-quality bathroom remodel solutions fit the needs of any homeowner. Atlanta Bath Remodel Company is your partner in upgrading the beauty and function of your bathroom.

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