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Kennesaw Bathtub Remodel

Is your bathtub outdated, unattractive, hard to clean, or no longer meeting your needs? Our Kennesaw bathtub remodel company, Bathroom Renovation, provides attractive, high-quality, and affordable new tub finishes that save you time, hassle, and money!

new remodeled bathtub installation

Whether you are looking to convert your shower to a tub, update your existing tub to a new finish, or add accessibility features to support those with reduced mobility, we have the bathtub remodeling solutions you need. We create stylish, sophisticated, and functional bathrooms with endless possibilities and customization options.

Traditional bathtub renovation and remodeling is expensive, messy, and time-consuming. Not with us! With many projects being completed in a single day, we get you back into your normal routine faster, with less hassle, and at a fraction of the cost.

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New Bathtub Installation

Is your existing tub damaged, outdated, or no longer meeting the needs of your family? Get a new bathtub installed directly in your existing space at a fraction of the cost of traditional tub remodeling!

Shower to Tub Conversion

Getting a new bathtub installed doesn’t have to be a huge expense, hassle, or mess. We take the stress out of the experience by delivering a fast, attractive, and affordable tub that you can start enjoying in as little as a single day.

We provide durable acrylic new bath systems that are designed to withstand fading, chipping, or cracking, as well as mold and mildew resistant, keeping your bathtub looking new longer.

We would love the opportunity to discuss your new bathtub needs and how we can provide an attractive, durable, and functional space that works for you.

Tub Wall Surrounds & Liners

We replace more than just your tub itself, we also provide attractive, grout-free, and non-porous tub wall surrounds, liners, and inserts.

bathtub wall surrounds and linersGrouted tile bathtub walls require regular maintenance, bleaching, and cleaning to keep them free from mildew and mold. Then, there are issues such as cracking and chipping of tiles or sections of grout coming loose, making the maintenance of a standard tile tub surround a consistent and tedious chore.

Our tub surrounds and liners are constructed of solid, durable acrylic that is easy to clean, resistant to damage or mildew, and available in an assortment of attractive styles and colors to perfectly complement the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Want a fast and easy update? Tub liners are a great way to update the style of your bathtub, without removing the old tub! This means there is no demolition required, keeping your home dust-free and your project moving along quickly. We have over 1,500 different bathtub models, allowing you to get the perfect liner for your desires and existing tub style.

Bath Conversions & Accessibility Features

There is a lot more we have to offer than bathtub replacement services. We can also convert your existing shower to a bath, convert your bath to a shower, or create an accessible and functional bath area.

accessible bathroom and shower remodel

Bath to shower or shower to bath conversions are fast, simple, and done in your existing space in as little as one day. Whether you are tired of your shower and long for a soaking tub, or are no longer able to step into the tub and would like a low-barrier or no-barrier shower, we have the right solution for you. Our innovative products are fast to install, low-maintenance, and can be fitted with the accessories you desire to create the bath experience of your dreams.

We provide many options for creating accessible bathing for those with limited mobility. We can provide walk-in and step-thru tubs, barrier-free showers, grab bars, and even install seating, benches, and shelving at appropriate places and heights to suit your needs. We have options for massage-style jetted tubs to assist with physical therapy and relaxation, as well.

All of these options mean that we have the right bath for every individual or lifestyle.

Let’s Talk Now- Free Consultation

Kennesaw Bathtub Remodel bath planet logo 300x48Your Kennesaw, GA bath remodel experts, we provide attractive, affordable, and fast bathtub remodeling services, designed with you, your space, and your needs in mind.

Whether you simply would like to update a worn tub, convert your shower to a tub, or would like to add new accessibility to better support those in your home, such as grab bars, seats, or walk-in style tubs, our experts have innovative and creative solutions to meet the needs of your family.

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