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Clarkdale Shower Door Installation

Clarkdale Shower Door Installation iStock 1088965774 300x200Atlanta Bath Remodel Company has long term experience in completing shower door installation projects in Clarkdale, GA, and we’ll put that experience to work for you.

While aesthetics are important in choosing your shower door, the size, shape and design of your shower and the door are also crucial.

You don’t want a door that lets water leak out onto the floor or doesn’t leave you enough room to turn around in the shower.

The bathroom renovation experts at Atlanta Bath Remodel Company can assess your shower and offer guidance as to the perfect shower door options to suit your style and needs.

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Before the shower door installation project is begins, there are several factors ought to be given attention:

Configuration of the Whole Bathroom

The whole bathroom or renovation ought to be carefully suited to the shower structure. The size and configuration of the shower, especially relative to the other fixtures and cabinetry in the bathroom, is important. Also, the shower structure including the flooring, walls, existing framing and pan must be assess to make sure it can support the weight of the new shower door.

These considerations will go a long way toward determining the best choices for your shower and shower door installation. The rest will be up to your sense of style.

The Measure of Water Spray of Showerheads

Clarkdale Shower Door Installation iStock 1284088093 300x200The placement and size of the showerhead determined how wide and in which direction the water flows. While the goal of a shower door is to stop water from getting out into the bathroom, it is best to fit the shower door opening in a direction that supports this purpose.

If the showerhead shoots water directly at the shower door opening, you won’t be able to get into the shower without spraying the whole bathroom.

Distance Between the Shower Wall and the Shower Door

When designing a shower, it’s best to frame it so that there is adequate distance between the shower wall and the shower door so that it is confortable and convenient to use the shower.

If the shower is already framed and new door is being installed, it may require a framing adjustment to make sure it fits smoothly.

Ventilation Concerns to Avoid Moisture Buildup

Moisture and steam build-up in showers can make showering uncomfortable and unsafe. Placing the shower door at a strategic place and making sure there is be a proper ventilation will help control moisture build up and make your shower and whole bathroom more comfortable.

Call Atlanta Bath Remodel Company at (678) 661-6754 for a Free Consultation with a Shower Door Installation Specialist.

There are many different types of shower doors available for your bathroom renovation:

Frameless Shower Door

Frameless shower doors are noted for their simplicity in design, making them fit different styles perfectly with ease. Another benefit of frameless shower doors is that most are designed as pivot doors. This gives the whole room a clean and modern look.

Installation is economical, and the functionality of the newly installed fixture completes the shower by design and efficient performance. According to client reviews, this type of shower door is often considered the most practical and most durable type to install in existing shower setups.

Frameless Shower Enclosure

Clarkdale Shower Door Installation iStock 1273394437 300x191Shower enclosures are usually installed in bathrooms with larger space area. Mostly giving the space a clean and modern feel, frameless shower enclosures take different shapes depending on the existing design of the bathroom.

They offer a luxurious look and feel, but can also be the most practical if accessibility is needed for a family member with mobility issues.

Bi-Fold Shower Door

If your shower space is limited, then a bi-fold shower door might be the best choice for you to pick. This type of shower door features panel divisions that fold inside the shower when it is not yet being used. In comparison with other types of shower doors, bi-fold shower doors are often much less expensive and fit small space home designs with ease.

Curved Glass Shower Door

Walk-in showers often look much more elegant with the addition of curved glass shower doors. Installing curved glass shower doors require extreme care and is advised to be completely done by experienced professional contractors like Atlanta Bath Remodel Company.

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Clarkdale Shower Door Installation logo main finalAtlanta Bath Remodel Company is your full service bathroom renovation partner. We handle everything from full-scale master bathroom remodeling to shower door installation.

We’ve built our reputation with stellar workmanship and friendly customer service. There is no job to complication for our experienced technitions to handle.

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