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Pine Lake Shower Replacement

Tired of your outdated, dingy, or hard to clean current shower? Replace it! Your Pine Lake shower replacement company, Bathroom Renovation provides smart, attractive, and functional shower solutions.

shower liner replacementRenovating your bathroom should be an exciting experience, not an intimidating one! We make the shower replacement experience easy with our fast service, attractive options, and affordable pricing. We are both faster and less expensive than traditional shower remodeling services.

Why spend more time cleaning your shower than you do your body? Our solutions are low-maintenance and high-comfort. With a non-porous, grout-free finish, our replacement shower liners are mold and mildew resistant, and they won’t chip, crack, or fade.

When you are ready to replace your shower with a modern, functional, and attractive new shower, our experts deliver the smart bathroom remodel solutions you need to create a high-value, high-comfort, and high-appeal space.

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Fast, Affordable Shower Replacement

Do you want to update the shower in your guest bathroom or master bath? Would you like to create a more accessible bathing area for someone struggling with reduced mobility?

shower remodeling companyYour Pine Lake, GA shower replacement company, we provide fast, affordable replacement showers, letting you get back to your routine as quickly as possible. With less mess, fuss, and hassle than standard shower renovation, our creative and innovative solutions often take only a single day for installation.

Working within your existing shower space, we can update both the functionality and style of your shower. With durable, grout-free, and non-porous surfaces, cleaning and maintaining your shower has never been easier. No more bleaching grout or fighting mold or mildew, allowing you to enjoy your shower stress-free.

With many different design options and accessibility features for you to choose from, we can completely customize your shower to meet your needs. We deliver the updated shower of your dreams faster and less expensively than standard bath and shower renovations.

Functional Shower Conversions

Create the ideal shower space for your needs with shower conversions by Bathroom Renovation! Whether you desire to convert your existing tub to a shower, or vice versa, we provide quick and easy shower conversion solutions.

bath to shower conversionWe utilize your existing space, converting your current tub into a shower or shower to a tub. Our innovative process and materials allow us to complete tub to shower conversions in as little as one day, meaning less time dealing with the stress of having workers in your home, less mess, and less time to wait until you can start enjoying your updated bathroom.

People may choose shower conversion for many different reasons. Some may struggle with mobility, making traditional tubs and showers challenging for them to comfortably and safely use. Others may simply be looking to obtain the relaxing benefits of soaking in a tub when all they have been living with is a shower stall.

Whatever your desire, our Pine Lake, GA shower replacement specialists deliver a more usable space that is better suited to you so you can enjoy a more convenient, relaxing bathing experience.

Accessible Shower Updates

Long-term or even short-term restrictions in mobility can make bathing a nightmare. Whether you are struggling with stepping into a shower or tub, would like to modify your space to support physical therapy, or need a shower that makes assisted bathing easier, we have the right shower updates to suit your needs.

accessible bathroom and shower remodel

We create accessible showers to suit people of all mobility levels and needs. Those struggling with arthritis, joint or hip pain, or recovering from an injury can have problems even just stepping into a shower pan. With our no-barrier and low-barrier shower pans, we provide a smooth transition from shower to bathroom floor.

We provide many accessibility features to make showering more comfortable, convenient, and easy. We install benches, seats, flip-up seats, grab bars, and integrate shelving, so everything is exactly where it works best for you. We design the perfect shower space for your home and personal needs, and we look forward to assisting you by providing the ideal shower for you.

Let’s Talk Now- Free Consultation

Pine Lake Shower Replacement bath planet logo 300x48As your Pine Lake shower replacement company, Bathroom Renovation is both prepared and excited to deliver fast, easy, and attractive solutions for your bathtub and shower renovation needs.

Providing shower conversions, shower renovations, and creating accessible bathing environments for those with unique needs, our attractive, affordable, and high-quality bathroom remodel solutions fit the needs of any homeowner. If you would like a low-cost, low-hassle shower replacement solution, Bathroom Renovation is ready to support you.

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