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Clarkdale Shower To Bath Conversion

Clarkdale Shower To Bath Conversion iStock 1166155385 300x200If you are more of a bath person and considers it as the day’s most important activity for relaxation, then you might be a tub person. If you have a shower setup instead of a bathtub, then perhaps you are thinking of going through a shower to bath conversation project. If you are, you need to know more about what options are open for you to choose from.

At Atlanta Bath Remodel Company, we consider your shower to bath conversion seriously and understand that you have specific demands that must be met accordingly. What we have known through our years of experience in serving clients living around Clarkdale, GA, each client has a unique personality that requires to be properly recognized, especially in terms of providing for their specific demands for relaxation.

If you are looking into doing your shower to bath conversion on your own, then you might need to brace yourself from some critical problems that you might face along the way. While there are YouTube videos out there that claim anyone can do everything that is involved in this conversion project, there is so much more to consider, and sometimes, the problems spring out like crazy in the middle of the project. In the end, the clients end up getting the help of a professional contractor and paying more than expected.

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Professional Shower to Bath Conversion

If you are ready to convert your shower area into a bathtub, you’ll need a professional bathroom remodeler to help. Shower areas are not all the same, and without standardization it can be difficult to figure out exactly how a bathtub can fit in the footprint left from removing your shower.

Clarkdale Shower To Bath Conversion iStock 1166155393 300x200Also, bathtubs may require different flooring and support than showers, and refiguring the plumbing fittings can be complicated.

That’s where we come in. Atlanta Bath Remodel Company has experienced designers and all the framing, plumbing, tiling and electrical experts needed to handle your shower to bath conversion.

We’ll take care of everything:

Tile Removal

Tiles should be removed accordingly to open up space for the incoming bathtub to be installed. Tile removal must be done carefully so that there is no unnecessary damage to the surrounding walls, flooring and plumbing.

Space Issues

Often, showers take smaller spaces than standard bathtubs. If you have limited space, you may need a redesign to make your dream of having a bathtub possible.

This is why precision measurements and our vast experience are essential. We can work with your space to find a solution to getting you the bathtub you want.

Bathtub Design & Installation

We offer quality bathtubs and a wide range of colors and styles. We also an provide features like soap niches, grab bars and shelving for a custom look and added funtion for your new bathtub.

If you want to convert your shower into a luxurious tub or even an accessible tub, Atlanta Bath Remodel Company is your trusted bathroom remodeling partner.

Call For Your Free Consultation

Clarkdale Shower To Bath Conversion logo main finalWhatever shower to bathtub or bath to shower conversion projects you may have in mind, we at Atlanta Bath Remodel Company are very much ready to help. We have an extensive selection of styles and colors to choose from and the experienced pros to handle the job on time and on budget.

We’re ready to answer all your questions about your shower to bath conversion project. Our team specializes in custom workmanship that is second to none. Call today to get started building the bathroom you’ve been dreaming of.

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