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Clarkdale Shower Renovation

If you are a shower person, then you know that being able to shower with full relaxation is not merely a regular task for hygiene. A good shower can jump start you at the beginning of a new day or ease down the stress after a full day’s work.

Clarkdale Shower Renovation iStock 1273394437 300x191At Atlanta Bath Remodel Company, we know what shower means to a lot of people. Our commitment to you and all our clients it to create a shower renovation that makes your daily shower into a delight.

Our expert bathroom renovation project managers will handle the entire project from start to finish so that you won’t have to worry about a thing. We listen to your needs, assess your space and adhere to your budget and time constraints.

So if your shower isn’t functioning the way you want, or even if it just looks dingy and dated, call Atlanta Bath Remodel Company today for a complete shower renovation.

Call Atlanta Bath Remodel Company at (678) 661-6754 now for your Shower Renovation needs.


What Type of Renovation Do You Need?

There are different types of shower renovation options. Sometimes an entire bathroom renovation – from flooring to walls to cabinets to fixtures. Others simply require an updated shower area or new tiling for the walls or flooring. No matter how extensive your project, Atlanta Bath Remodel Company is fully equipped to handle the entire job.

What design do you want for your renovated shower?

Clarkdale Shower Renovation iStock 166269712 300x200One of the changes that shower renovation strongly affects is the design of the whole bathroom. The theme or design of the whole bathroom ought to be unified not just for design’s sake but to keep the ambiance relaxing.

We offer tile in unlimited colors and patterns. We can add features like corner shelves, seating, grab bars, low- or n-barrier entrances, and more.

We can also offer custom cabinety, painting, and lighting adjustments to complete your bathroom renovation.

Is the space enough for the design that you want for your shower?

If you want to expand your shower space, or make it smaller to make more room in the rest of the bathroom, you will need a shower renovation that changes the shower footprint.

Clarkdale Shower Renovation iStock 1284088093 300x200Our specialists are adept at assessing the available space and experienced at designing shower renovations that suit the space available and your needs.

Let us take a look at your bathroom space and come up with a solution that will look great and function perfectly for your family. We have extensive experience in creating showers and bathrooms that work exactly the way you need them too.

Call For Your Free Consultation

Clarkdale Shower Renovation logo main finalAt Atlanta Bath Remodel Company, we have built a reputation in Clarkdale, GA, for exceptional craftsmanship and customer service. We listen to your questions and concerns, and do our best to provide the best possible shower renovation service for you.

Our full service bathroom renovation company can handle any size shower renovation project you need. We are committed to finishing every project on time and on budget with no detail left unresolved. Call today to get started on your bathroom remodel.

Call Atlanta Bath Remodel Company at (678) 661-6754 now for a free consultation with a Shower Renovation Specialist!