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Norcross Bath To Shower Conversion

Norcross Bath To Shower Conversion iStock 166269712 300x200Bathing is perhaps one of the most relaxing activities that you do in the early morning or at the end of the day. No matter what time you take your bath, everyone wants this daily experience to be refreshing. Part of making this daily activity refreshing is the type of setup that you have in your bathroom.

Most homes have originally installed bathtubs for their bathrooms, but a tub is not the ideal option for everyone. Showers are more suited to many busy lifestyles, and are essential for some who have mobility issues.

Converting a bathtub into a shower is a great solution for many people, and Atlanta Bath Remodel Company is here to help. Our portfolio and long list of satisfied clients prove that in Norcross, Atlanta Bath Remodel Company offers the best bath to shower conversion service.

Call Atlanta Bath Remodel Company at (678) 661-6754 for your bath to shower conversion project needs!

Professional Shower Conversion

You can see shower “kits” for sale at big box stores, but if you are tempted to take on a project like converting your bathtub area into a shower – Don’t!

Prefabricated shower kits are collected shower materials that respond to specific themes or decorative patterns. Usually, these kits are offered to clients who are handling new constructions. However, in instances when a conversion is being considered, prefabricated shower kits are not the best way to go. They might not fit the existing space, they don’t take into account any needed waterproofing, framing or flooring repairs, and they leave the plumbing and any electrical work up to you.

Not to mention that you will first have to remove your old tub without causing any damage.

Instead of getting a prefab shower kit that may not fit your bathroom, let alone your needs for style and function, call the professional bath to shower conversion experts at Atlanta Bath Remodel Company.

We will access the existing bathtub footprint to determine exactly how to fit your new shower into the space.

Norcross Bath To Shower Conversion iStock 1284088093 300x200We’ll make sure that the flooring and surrounding walls at structurally sound for the new shower set up and we’ll install any needed reinforcements and waterproofing for the area.

Once we’ve determined the space available, we’ll consult with you on the design for your new shower set up.

We have a limitless selection of colors and patterns for to suit your unique style.

We offer low- and no-barrier shower pans and can include things like corner shelving, bench seating, soap niches and grab bars to make you new shower functional and accessible.

Call For Your Free Consultation

Norcross Bath To Shower Conversion logo main finalWe Atlanta Bath Remodel Company recognize that you want to get the most out of your home improvement investment dollars, and we can see how you might be tempted to take on some projects yourself. But the technical contruction, plumbing and electrical requirements involved in a tub to shower conversion make this project one you should leave to the professionals.

Whether you just want to get a better use out of the space your bathtub takes up or you need to upgrade the safety and accessibility of your bathroom with a low-barrier shower, trust the experts at Atlanta Bath Remodel Company to handle the job on time and on budget.

Call Atlanta Bath Remodel Company at (678) 661-6754 now to get a free consultation with one of our Bath to Shower Conversion Experts!