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Lilburn Bathtub Enclosures

Lilburn Bathtub Enclosures iStock 1308282338 300x200Are you looking for a way to liven up your bathing space? Try creating a beautiful bathtub enclosure with Custom Tile of Atlanta! We are a top-notch home and commercial construction company serving Lilburn and specializing in bathroom improvements. We highly recommend upgrading your bathroom with a bathtub enclosure with us as your trusted partner. With Custom Tile of Atlanta, you can get quality crafted enclosures for your tub and shower at a reasonable price.

Bathtub surrounds don’t have to be boring white acrylic. Instead make the walls surrounding your tub into a stylish and functional tile pattern that serves both to beautify and protect your bathroom.

Trust Custom Tile of Atlanta to create a bath enclosure, tile wainscotting, and even tile flooring that makes a statement of style and sophistication for your home.

Call Custom Tile of Atlanta today at (678) 661-6754 for a free consultation!

High-Quality Bathtub Enclosures For All Spaces

Bathtub enclosures handle the vital job of protecting your walls, floors, and, ultimately, your home’s foundation from water damage. Tile is the preferred material for this purpose because it is more durable and waterproof than other available materials.

Lilburn Bathtub Enclosures iStock 1067383066 300x231Tile also has the edge because it is much more versatile from a style perspective. Tiles come in all shapes and sizes and can been arranged in a limitless array of patterns.

When properly installed and sealed by experienced professionals like Custom Tile of Atlanta, tile is as easy to clean and durable as it is water resistant.

Because they are beautiful too, high-quality bathtub enclosures from Custom Tile of Atlanta also improve the resale value of your home.

Top-Notch Bathtub Enclosure Installation

For all your shower and bathtub enclosure needs, Custom Tile of Atlanta is here for you. Our Lilburn company will make sure that you get nothing less than the highest level of services to design and install your dream bathtub enclosure.

With years of experience in bathroom remodeling, we offer top quality tiles and premium craftsmanship when creating your bathtub surround. We are committed to meticulous work, showing up on time and finishing the job on time and on budget.

Tell us exactly what you envision for your bathtub enclosure and you can trust us to turn your vision into reality. We are excited to work with you!

Free Bathtub Enclosure Installation Consultation

Lilburn Bathtub Enclosures logo 300x81Bathtub enclosures serve two important purposes in your bathroom. They offer protection from water damage for your walls and floors. They also offer a large canvas for you to create your ideal style.

High quality tiling from Custom Tile of Atlanta accomplishes both of those goals, creating a durable and aestically-pleasing backdrop for your Lilburn bathroom. Call us today to get started on your bathtub enclosure or surround right away.

Call Custom Tile of Atlanta today at (678) 661-6754 for a free consultation with a Bathtub Enclosure expert!