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Atlanta Glass Shower Door Installation

Atlanta Glass Shower Door Installation bath shower remodel 300x200Want to change the feel of your shower area by using glass shower doors? Bath Planet of Atlanta is the best Atlanta bath construction company to reach out to if you want your new glass shower doors to be installed efficiently. Since we started in the industry, we are committed to helping clients get the best shower door installation service available in the market. We take our time to identify and understand our clients’ needs and identify how we can deliver the service perfectly.

Shower door installation projects are usually frustrating for many homeowners because they end up with the wrong type of shower door despite the various options available. We understand how frustrating choosing your shower doors can be, and when you reach out to us, we will sit down with you to find out what your bathroom is like and identify the best type of glass shower door to use.

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Factors to Consider When Installing New Shower Doors

Atlanta Glass Shower Door Installation sidekix media g51F6 WYzyU unsplash 300x200Many homeowners think that doing a shower door installation is easy because all they have to do is replace the door with a new one. However, shower door installation is very complicated because not every shower door is made alike, and shower areas are often built with specific criteria, ensuring their efficiency and durability.

Some of the things you need to know when installing new shower doors are as follows:

1. The configuration of the shower area, specifically its measurement and its overall structure
2. Measurement of the showerheads and the spray it creates
3. Measurement of the space between the shower wall and the shower door
4. Ventilation configuration
5. Type of shower door to be placed

Knowing these factors is crucial to provide a clear idea of what type of shower door is perfect for the space and its style. When you contact our team, we will consider these factors and customize the shower door you want us to install. If you want a glass shower door, we will consider the weight of the glass door and ensure that it will not affect the integrity of your shower structure.

Why Get a Glass Shower Door

custom shower remodelGlass shower doors provide an elegant and clean feel to any shower area. It also provides an illusion that the bathroom area is much larger because the shower area is visible.

However, if you want to install this type of shower door in your bathroom, you need a professional contractor to do the job. Some shower doors may require customized glass doors that have to be bent in a certain way. Bath Planet of Atlanta is the best Atlanta bath construction company for customized glass work and installation. Our team of experts will take precise measurements of your shower area and carefully install your new glass shower doors.

Free Consultation Today

Atlanta Glass Shower Door Installation bath planet logo 300x48Installing new shower doors is not very simple considering all the factors that will affect its overall functionality. However, if you get the Atlanta glass shower door installation service of Bath Planet of Atlanta, you can be assured that your shower doors will stay on for a long time and blend perfectly with your current bathroom style. We offer a free consultation to guide uncertain clients about how the entire process works. We also take our time to understand what you need and what budget you have to customize our services to fit your needs.

Contact our Atlanta, GA bath construction company today to find out more about our services! We are always ready to take in your call and give you the best solutions for your bathroom improvement projects.

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